Born in Salisbury 1975

Angela grew up in a village near Salisbury where she developed a lifelong relationship with nature, plants and the land and that wonder of nature has remained in adulthood and informs her art today.

Angela studied BA Hons: Fine Art at Northbrook College, Worthing, and since graduation in 1998 she has consistently exhibited annually.

In 2003 she studied for a PGCE in teaching Art and currently has 20 years of teaching experience, both in schools and freelance.


My earlier work explores moving towards abstraction and is dynamic and linear. Followed from 2000 by a period of figurative painting and mostly painting ‘en plein air’.

Since 2020 my work is more Impressionist and influenced by sensing the changing energy all round me and tapping into the energy of a particular location. I use my plein air studies to influence me but paint more often in the studio as it allows for a more intuitive interpretation of a scene. The paintings start from a loose gestural approach, using rags and large brushes. Integral to the painting as it changes and develops, is the sense of atmosphere. The paintings have room to manoeuvre, and the texture of the paint is important in creating the mood, like the changing skies and weather. Layers of acrylic paint are applied using a palette knife to create a variety of edges and exploiting the pictorial space; often blurring horizon line and land.

Skies are a huge inspiration to me, and roaming the ridges of the New Forest overlooking the valleys in all-weather brings huge inspiration, knowing and energy to my work.

 I wish my paintings to embody the energy and spirit of the place, and the ethereal feel of the paintings to evoke a fleeting magical moment in time and space.