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Realising your artistic goals for 2016

Sit down in a calm space, close your eyes, and slowly allow images and feelings to visualise what you would like to see yourself doing in 2016.  Go with it; however outlandish the thoughts and feelings that come to you, as this is your intuition talking to you and this will guide you to your true path.

You may wish to reflect over 2015, what would you have liked to have done more of; what has intrigued you, excited you?

It’s good to get out of the comfort zone to keep fresh and inspired- so jot down your ideas and goals for 2016, take steps in your diary to allow these to happen (why not try one of my day workshops), and make this a creative and fulfilling year to remember.

I’m going to share with you my artistic goals for 2016..

Painting projects:

Painting from Intuition

Painting from memory, using meditation to guide me into the scene again and recall the sights and smells so that I can hold that in my mind’s eye and allow the feelings to translate through my brush and onto the canvas. I have already created a few paintings this year using my sub -conscious and intuition to create an image and allowing whatever happens to take place on the canvas, without my logical brain interfering or judging the outcome at any stage

I like to think that I already paint from my intuition when I am painting outdoors; but I am using intuition PLUS shed loads of creative processing- the brain has to process many things in painting; perception of 3d to 2d/pictorial space, composition, colour, and harmony to name a few. And when the going gets tough the mind has to problem solve to move the painting forward.

Painting solely from intuition is easier with experience and technical grounding which has become internalised, but it is also requires regular nurturing.

'Reconnect’ The first of my new series, painted from memory Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 65cm by Angela Corben
‘Reconnect’ The first of my new series, painted from memory. Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 65cm by Angela Corben

Using a variety of media, appropriate to the individual scene

I am an expert in acrylics and as a result tend to paint mostly with acrylics these days, despite a background in oils and quite a few of my former years using watercolours!

I have a new travel set of artists’ watercolours (thank you Santa) and I’m using these for sketches and Abstracts and plan to use them for more plein air work

‘Wicklow mountains’ Watercolour 30cm x 21 cm by Angela Corben
‘Wicklow mountains’ Watercolour 30cm x 21 cm by Angela Corben

Painting Boats and Harbours

The perfect activity on a balmy day; although I plan to get out there in all weathers!

Boats can be a challenge to draw but provide exciting form and colour and reflections.

I can’t wait to paint at picturesque views whilst I am tutoring painting holidays for Authentic Adventures during 2016.


Personal Goals

Re-newing my Commitment to Painting whilst keeping my art teaching business on track –this means ring fencing time to paint just for me, not just for my classes (much as this fascinates me technically), and keeping my discipline to get up early and get on, even if is a few hours before a teaching day – regular, consistent practice is required to become and remain a good artist


Committing to the right exhibitions for me

During 2015 I took part in 7 exhibitions and organised and marketed 2 by myself! And I was proud that I managed this, but in 2016 I will select just a couple of manageable exhibitions and apply myself professionally to these with integrity so that I give I can give this my full focus


Looking after my health so that I have the energy to bring to all the above!!

Bring on the Kale juice…….


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6 thoughts on “Realising your artistic goals for 2016

  1. Some good ideas about just letting your intuition wander free ….
    unfortunately for me this doesn’t tend to translate into art. Too much Left
    Brain, I fear! Perhaps I need to attend a “Left Brain/Right Brain Balance”

    1. Hello Pam.
      everyone is different, but I do believe that Right brain can be nurtured with regular practise.
      A workshop on this subject sounds like a great idea; thanks for your feedback.

  2. Just read this Angela – I’m full of admiration as always, and feel motivated to do this sort of forward thinking for 2016 myself. Just need to set aside a bit of time now! Love the paintings by the way! See you tomorrow x

    1. Hello Deborah,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It’s great to hear that you are inspired and motivated. I think the artist brain needs inspiration and pragmatism so visualising and diarising events in order to develop your own art work is a good idea. I can’t wait to see your new work this year and watch you progress. Angela.

  3. Hello Angela. I’ve only just seen your blog – inspirational! So much so, and because I have some switch off time, I’m going to grab my charcoals and pastels and sketch palm trees. Thank you! At least I can keep in touch with your enthusiasm from afar, even though I’m missing 6 weeks of classes.

    1. Hello Angela. Charcoal and pastels are great dry travelling media. I’m glad that you can take advantage of the Australian sun and landscape and I will look forward to viewing your art work and hearing about your travels when you get back. Have fun!

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