I am an experienced Art Teacher, experienced in managing a Secondary school art department and planning learning courses, and I am an established artist and SAA professional associate/demonstrator. Painting and teaching are what makes me truly happy. I love the camaraderie that happens in my lessons and the exchange of ideas. I love being able to empower others to unlock their creativity and self-confidence and find joy in the beauty of the world.

As a tutor I am sensitive and use empathy to connect with you as an individual, tailoring my approach so that your individual style is allowed to grow.  This is balanced with a highly practical streak- so I can offer you what you need, when you need it, broken down into manageable, practical steps.

My classes are tailored to help you to achieve your personal goals and develop your own personal expression. I teach a deep understanding of how to paint; carefully structured so that complete novices can feel confident from the very first lesson; from seeing the underlying shapes of subjects, tonal modelling to make subjects look 3d, colour mixing using a limited palette, and a really good understanding of composition and design.

This means that you will leave my classes with the confidence and skills in order to work independently on any subject matter. You will find it easier to move to the next level, as you already have the foundation understanding and the same way of thinking as experienced artists.

Weekly Classes at the Wilton Pavilion and at the Fordingbridge Bookshop
£18 per 3 hour lesson when paid in a block of 5 or more, or £23 per session when ‘pay as you go’
Please contact Angela for more information.

Salisbury/Wilton Class – at the Wilton Pavilion, Castle Lane, Wilton, SP2 OHG

Wednesdays 2pm-5pm
This group started with me as absolute beginners in September 2016. If you have dabbled in acrylics and want to learn more this class may suit you.

Thursdays 10am -1pm or 2pm-5pm
This class is for those with some experience in painting, and with a sound knowledge of acrylics.

Mondays 10am-1pm
Experimental and technical classes. For confident drawers/artists of any background but with a good working knowledge of acrylics.

Fordingbridge Class – at the Salvation Army Hall (town centre)

Tuesdays 2pm-5pm
Spaces to join from 23rd May 2017. This group started with me as absolute beginners in January 2016. If you have dabbled in acrylics and want to learn more this class will suit you’


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