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Children’s Summer Painting Workshop

Thursday 20th August 2015- Augustus John Pub, Fordingbridge

This was the first of my children’s art workshops at this new venue and it was refreshing; full of laughter, fun and messy paint!

I suggested the theme of water or animals, and we made some preliminary doodles on this theme. Always trying not to be too specific or restrictive, the children experimented with the materials and mark making, using their imagination to develop the marks they made and see where it led them.

Here are the outcomes.

I plan to deliver more at the same venue – please sign up for my newsletter to be kept informed of my next workshop.

Arty Party

These lovely photos are inspired by the theme of ‘acrylic painting of butterflies’ for girls aged 10. I modelled the drawing and brushstrokes and the girls created their own design from a starting point of a selection of butterfly photos and their imagination.


Christmas Crafts 2014

This year’s ‘Christmas Crafts’ workshop at Downton was great fun, and got us all in the Christmas mood.
Here are the photos from the day: we made natural wreaths, sleighs, window decorations and customised cards.

Downton Summer School 2014

Here are the photos from my fun summer workshops at Downton- Acrylic painting for children aged 6-10 and Adventurous art for children aged 11-14

Arty Party

A really fun Arty Party for Ellie’s 11th Birthday using mixed media based on a ‘seaside’ theme.

Here are the very imaginative paintings which the girls created to take home with them.

Imaginative Acrylic Painting Workshop

We had an imaginative Acrylic Painting workshop on Friday 21st February at Salisbury Arts Centre.

The theme was ‘Underwater’ and we listened to music ‘The Aquarium’ by Saint Saens to get imaginations stirring, and I read a short story which I have written on the theme, with plenty of descriptive adjectives and adverbs to add colour to the scene.

The children really enjoyed the day and the atmosphere was really lovely.

Here are the photos.

T-Shirt painting Workshop on behalf of Plain Arts at Stratford-Sub-Castle School

Funded by Wiltshire County Council as Part of the ‘Salisbury Art Trail 2013’
I had great fun delivering an art workshop to ‘Badger’ class;  Mrs William’s Year 5 children at Stratford-sub-castle School on Friday 27th September.
The brief was ‘Flying things and recycling’. After discussing ideas the children sketched their design then painted on to T-shirts using Fabric paints.
The T-shirts were all  different with some really creative interpretations;
The children were very proud of their T-shirts and can’t wait to take them home to wear them.
Pop down to Riverbourne Community Farm during the Art Trail (Sat 5th-Sun13th Oct) to see selected T-shirts and photos of the workshop.

Rest Festival 2013

I delivered a children’s painting workshop at the Rest festival, 30th Aug -1st Sept, at Coombe Bissett near Salisbury.
We could hear the live band playing in the background so it was nice atmopshere to paint a long to; and popular!
Here are some photos from the event.

Downton White Horse Summer School 2013

Was good fun, and the children were really engrossed in their art work which was lovely to see.
The children were really proud of their art work and it was a lovely atmosphere as always.

Working with Yr7 students at Winton School  in ‘This is Andover’ Arts Project

I really enjoyed working with the Yr7 Evolve groups at Winton School Andover, as a professional artist, and was so impressed by their final art exhibition, showing their fantastic Art Journals and Final Outcomes.

I introduced a series of ‘master classes’ on acrylic painting, mixed media, negative space drawing and water colour painting. The school videoed each live session and these were rotated around the rest of the children in the year.
Students had an open ended brief, starting by investigating their surroundings and delving into their own personal world of what Andover meant to them as individuals.

Investigation was encouraged through visits to Andover town with sketchbooks and cameras, and the children explored their ideas in 3d, 2d and electronic media, drawing on the skills and ideas from my master classes.
I loved this project and this demonstrates the value of open ended, innovative teaching projects where children can really engage and be free to explore their talents and creativity.

Childrens Acrylic Painting Workshop April 2013 Salisbury Arts Centre

Paintings which children created using acrylic paint,  on the theme of Imaginary stories, inspired after listening and discussing a poem about a dragon in the playground.


‘Paint a Portrait Workshop’ Winton School Andover – July 2012

We looked at the portrait styles of Julian Opie and Andy Warhol and discussed their approach to painting, and decided how much we wanted the artists’ styles to influence their own portrait painting.

Children learned how to draw the face in proportion and how to mix flesh colours and shadow, and how to keep the colours clean and fresh when mixing on the palette.

I am so impressed with how much sustained effort the children put into their work. The portraits are really well painted and show a real self-confidence and focus.


Paper Crafts workshops at the Winton School Andover and the White Horse Inn, Downton – May 2012

Take a look at these exciting sculptures the children created in these workshop.


Canvas Painting Workshop – “Paint a Sunset”

White Horse Downton, Thursday 12th April

We learnt how to paint a sunset and /or seascape and techniques for crafting wave effects.

These are some of the finished paintings which the children were very proud of.


The Easter Crafts Workshop

At the White Horse Inn, Downton, was great fun and the children came up with truly original ideas as always.

The Easter bonnets were a treat to see.


Awesome Canvas Art Workshop

Downton Thursday 16th February


Christmas Crafts Workshops

Sat 17th & Mon 19th December

The children created fantastic colorful wreaths from natural materials and some lovely personalised cards and quirky pine cone animals and we even had a couple of mums join in.

This was a lovely way to spend a day at Christmas time.

Well done all.


Halloween Craft Workshop on 27th October.




Downton Mondays 3:30-4:30

We’ve been studying Van Gogh’s ’Starry Night’ painting and learning about the artist.

We have been learning how to handle acrylic paints, how to mix all colours using just the 3 Primaries and how to make expressive marks in Van Gogh’s style.

This is the finished Group painting which puts together all these skills and the children are rightly very proud of this.


Monoprinting inspired by Nature

Following on from the outdoor sculpture activity, children collected natural forms which they used to create experimental prints.


Pottery Class at the Winton School

Andover Saturdays 1-3PM

Using the coil pot method to create pumpkin inspired pots


Nature sculpture inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Created at the Saturday Winton School Art Club


Downton Childrens Art Workshop – July 1011

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