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Art & Yoga; Parallel Healers

I have been attending yoga sessions with Pippa Sweet;  a wonderful spiritual and kind teacher for 3 months now, and I am now seeing and feeling with clarity. This has had a profound effect on my emotional growth and in turn my art work.

I have been reflecting on the similarities between yoga and art; they are truly spiritual journeys and encourage and facilitate personal growth and acceptance of one’s self. Both are uplifting, nurturing and channel the natural creative spirit of the human soul.

Yoga and art are kindred spirits; here are examples:


Mindfulness or Being present in the moment

It is very difficult not be present in the moment when creating art

Art is wonderful for focussing and calming the mind – imagine a  Still Life study; observing the beauty of the colour of the light in shadows, the balanced curve of a teacup handle; completely absorbing and fulfilling for  the mind and spirit


Linking in to our inner self – connecting with the intuition

Feeling the pose in yoga– being connected with the inner body and connecting with the process of slowly turning from one point in the body to another being guided by the breath;

This is truly comparable to the processes in art – the stages of working through the intellectual process and the physical application of the paint stroke, and the journey from idea through to realisation and working through with presence at each point of the process; this is the joy of painting and the joy of yoga

Imagine feeling your emotions and using these to guide your brush strokes and colours and rhythm of an Abstract painting; or being in the flow with a studio piece and painting with instinct and feeling


Trusting ones inner core and loving the real self, being true to yourself and honest

Not painting to pacify what others think of your art but painting for yourself; trust that your voice is valuable and those that are meant to, will accept, and appreciate, what you are doing

Painting even though you are not sure what will come out, but trusting that it will be worth it or that the outcome of your experiments will lead you on a worthwhile journey; just believe in yourself and follow your heart and see where it leads you…

Passionate, original art comes from truly connecting and accepting and allowing and trusting the real you to flow through you to your brush to the canvas.

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