Adults’ Gallery

Landscape from a Photo – Dec 2014

This is my Beginner’s class first complete Landscape from a photo and they are so proud of the results. I am so pleased with their progress. We worked up to this painting after studying how to paint different trees, mixing greens, and with demos at each stage of the painting. I’m really looking forward to teaching the beginners again from January 2015.

Demonstration for Fordingbridge Art Club

‘How to paint an Abstract – using acrylics’. November 6th 2014 I enjoyed delivering this workshop so much ; this is really a subject close to my heart and I loved interacting with the audience. To top it all, I received such positive feedback afterwards. I have been asked to deliver a workshop on this same topic for Fordingbridge art club on Saturday 21st February 2015.(0pen to all) Here are the photos of my example painting, in stages, to show you my working process, and the painting I completed during the demo.

Advanced Still Life

The Advanced Class are studying Still life this term. We have explored modelling the still life using tonal values and have refined our technique for painting lilies and roses; with lots of demos from myself. We are now starting adventurous approaches to drawing and abstracting the still life and using Mixed media and these will be posted to my website soon.

Pear Studies for Beginners

Fantastic pear studies from this weeks ‘Beginners’ class’. Only on week 4 of lessons and amazing results and fun already. We did prepare well for this painting : black and white studies, with  my hand outs and watched my step by step demo and practised colour mixing: and much learning took place. Can’t wait to see more progress; so exciting!

The Autumn/winter term theme for my Intermediate Class is ‘Water’

After studying the structure of a wave, looking at other artists’ work, practising colour mixing,  and brushstrokes and then my demo, this is the first Wave painting for the class. Looking forward to posting up more exciting water images from the class!

Introduction to Acrylics Workshop – July 2014

Lots of exciting techniques were tried and put to good use during this workshop. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and everyone was very pleased with their paintings. For some this was the first time they had used acrylic paints and for one lady this is her first ever painting!

Haitian Woman

‘We are studying how to tackle characterful portraits in my Monday Advanced acrylic painting class. I have just completed this portrait ready to demo it to my class. Very enjoyable!

Knife Workshop June 2014

We had lots of fun experimenting with how to ‘Paint with a Knife’ in this workshop at the Radnor Hall, Bodenham,  in June. Here are the photos of the final pieces.

Salisbury District Hospital May-June 2014

‘My Advanced class have had a very successful exhibition at ‘Artcare’, Salisbury District Hospital. I am so proud of the work which they have achieved, as most of the students on this painting class, started with my Acrylic Beginners class 3 years ago.  Some were absolute novices, and some have returned to their previous art training after raising a family, so this is a landmark exhibition for the group as most are exhibiting for the first time. We have focused on developing technical skills and experimenting with creative approaches through a series of projects on different themes.  In the past year, the group has developed their own personal directions, using a starting point as a group, and then pursuing their own style from their own images. The paintings are vibrant, and uplifting, with confident mark making, and convey a strong sense of atmosphere. There is a definite movement towards abstraction. Here are the photos when a few of us from the group, viewed the exhibition for the first time:

SAG Demo May 2014

I delivered a demonstration and acrylic painting workshop to  the ‘Salisbury Group of Artists’ on Saturday 10th May. This was very enjoyable with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The paintings were very successful.

Drawing Techniques & Approaches Workshop 29th March 2014

We tried out many different approaches to drawing : formal and technical, and emotional and gestural drawing, using pencil, charcoal, felt tip and Indian ink. I hope that everyone overcame boundaries and pre-conceptions to drawing. Some of the students were completely new to drawing, whilst some were more experienced; all of their drawings were quite exciting.

‘Painting with a Knife Workshop’ March 8th 2014

This was a really pleasant day, and the paintings were very successful. We had fun experimenting with the knife and picking out vibrant colours, and this really freed up painting styles.

Beginners Work

The ‘Beginners’ group have spent several weeks learning how to paint landscapes; trees, and skies. We are now experimenting with working  in a looser way, and exploring the styles of other artists. Last week was Monet and Van Gogh.

Introduction to Acrylics workshops on Saturday 1st Feb

Was very successful and I am pleased that everyone was really happy with their acrylic paintings; and those who had never picked up a brush before are now keen to try more painting! Here are a few photos from the day.

Demonstration and Workshop of a Norfolk landscape in acrylics, to Downton Art group.

I really enjoyed delivering my demonstration and day workshop of ‘How to Paint a Landscape in acrylics’, for Downton Art group on Wednesday 22nd February 2014. I started by a live demonstration of each of the stages of the painting, from start to finish, talking through my method and answering any questions which arose. The art group members approached this painting, with my guidance, to create their own interpretations of the scene.  Most worked in acrylics and for some this was their first experience of painting with acrylic. We were all really pleased with the outcomes, and it was a very positive, sociable and enjoyable day for all. Here are the final paintings.

New Forest ‘Plein air’ painting workshop at Hale Purlieu, with Fordingbridge Art Club

We were blessed with a lovely Autumn day for painting on site in the New Forest. I demonstrated how to paint a landscape in acrylics, from planning an initial Compositon to colour mixing. Members and guests then worked in their choice of medium, with my advice as required. We finished with a sociable lunch at the Horse and Groom pub at Woodgreen after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Demonstration to Charminster Art group

I really enjoyed demonstrating  how to paint this acrylic landscape to Charminster Art group on Friday 6th September. This demo lasted a couple of hours, with lots of tips and instructions as I went along.

Plein air social: Harnham watermeadows, Salisbury, July 2013

Myself and my ‘Monday art class’ students had a very rewarding day painting ‘en Plein air’ at the Rose and Crown Harnham, Salisbury today. So lucky to avoid the rain and have glorious sunshine instead. We were graced with the company of US plein air oil painter Stephen Hessler and we had a lovely sociable and relaxing painting day.

Demonstrating how to paint an Acrylic Landscape scene at SAA ‘It’s all about Art’ London 2013.

I was thrilled to present my acrylic landscape painting demonstration at the 2013 Society of All Artists  ‘It’s all about Art’ event in London, on 25th July 2013. I was first up for my demo; which received good feedback. I enjoyed chatting to lots of visitors and met other exciting artists as well as getting to talk to the artists from the mag azine whom I have admired from a distance for a long time; all very inspiring!  Here are some photos from the day.

Exploring the style of David Hockney

Intermediates Acrylic class Salisbury

‘South African Landcape Painting’ art lessons using acrylic paints

Monday Intermediate Class, St Martin Centre, Salisbury Great results were achieved through this project.. Composition, mixing greens, capturing the effects of water, and atmospheric perspective were studied in the course of this painting.

Painting with a Knife Workshop

Saturday 13th April 2013

New exciting Malvern Hills landscapes in progress

Monday Intermediates Class, March 2013

‘Painting with a Knife’ in Beginners acrylic class, Salisbury

Exciting results were achieved when we tried painting a landscape using a painting knife. These photos show the work from students in the class on July 26th, our last lesson in our first 7 week term.

Workshop on ‘Perspective’ to Inspire Art Group

Andover May 2012 This was a fully focussed and interesting day learning about the technique of drawing using Perspective, followed by a freer style watercolour wash onto the drawing. The ladies at ‘Inspire’ really grasped the perspective drawing and enjoyed trying out heightened colours in their watercolours.

Mixed Media Workshop

February 2011

  • Using acrylic, drawing inks, chalks & collage

Inspirational Drawing Workshop

January 2010

  • Drawing using negative space
  • Gestural drawing
  • Continuous line drawing

Ongoing Weekly Acrylic Classes

  • Recreating water using texture & painting knife
  • Lesson on ‘How to paint Dramatic skies
  • Plein Air Painting Session in the New Forest’