Adults’ Gallery

Beginners Class

Beginners started out with me Oct 2016, exploring landscape, using brush and knife and trying out different limited palettes. Painting a garden, and painting singular flowers. First introduction to painting a portrait, realistic portraits, Fauvist, colourful portraits.

Intermediate Class

Studying how to paint The Figure- realistic figures in proportion, simplifying the figure, the figure in context of a landscape/seascape, workshop with a moving life model and how to paint hands. 

Advanced Class

Exploring abstraction, and focussing mark making using 2 different approaches:
Experimenting with the physical qualities of the materials, they are using mark making and chance effects to start them on an intuitive painting.
Abstracting and simplifying from a representative a starting image, until it becomes expressive and abstracted. 

Showcase of Art classes 2016 Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced

This year we have studied:

Still Life – Simplification, Composition, Scottish Colourists, working onto different coloured backgrounds, especially painting onto Black.


Landscape Knife Painting – simplification, using and selecting limited palettes.


Buildings – perspective, use of tone in light and shade, and Working towards Abstraction.


Students’ work was showcased at Salisbury Library Gallery 4 during November, and looked very impressive, with very positive feedback.


Marlborough College July 2016 “Dynamic Landscapes in Acrylics” 5 day workshop

In this workshop we explored how to simplify a landscape photo and make it more dynamic – exploring ‘notan’ studies, composition, then lots of work on colour theory and subverting colours to make them more exciting.

We also enjoyed experimenting with painting with a knife.

There were quite a few beginners on this course and I was really pleased with the quality of their work and the learning that took pace.

Marlborough College July 2016 “You can Paint an Abstract” 5 day workshop

Wow! This really has been the most exciting workshop I have ever taught, the most fulfilling and I am so pleased with the outcomes.

Starting with a landscape photo, then simplifying this, using notan, negative space drawings, continuous line drawings. Then moving onto gestural drawing from a still life set up, colour theory and brushstrokes.
We had the most wonderful day painting and dancing to different music genres.

The final day was exploring and investigating artists’ approaches to Cubism, and deconstructing a still life in a cubist style.

‘Dynamic Landscapes in Acrylic’ workshop for the Salisbury Group of Artists, 30th April 2016

In this workshop Angela showed how to take a viewfinder section choosing from a selection of photos, and then how to construct the composition, colour mixing, especially greens, and how to use expressive brushstrokes to give flow to the painting.

It was a very pleasant day, with diverse outcomes. Here are some images from the day:

Vibrant Mixed Media Landscape, White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough, April 2016

Much fun experimenting with acrylic mixed with acrylic inks, pastel, thread, glue, straw, crayon, fineliner, and collage, to create interesting and atmospheric landscapes.

Angela demonstrated the structured starting point, and then encouraged the freedom to interpret a tone or mass into a suggested object, in order to create a free and impressionist style image. Here are the finished paintings:

Read the student’s comments about the day   (Ian please repeat these quotes under’ Testimonials’ and bunch them all under the heading ‘Vibrant mixed media landscape White Horse Marlborough’ April 2016

‘Excellent course. Superb structure and encouragement’ – Patrick

‘I learnt loads. You’re very helpful and I really enjoyed the day’  – Jo

‘I really enjoyed the relaxed approach, focussing on darks and lights to begin with. I like the whole broad brush approach and would like to do more’ – Kerry

‘Buildings’ Advanced Class Spring 2016

The Advanced class studied how to paint buildings through a series of taught projects carefully selected for diversity in order to cover all approaches: from traditional representational, to abstracting down to the most simple forms to explore how little we need to retail the essence of a building and emulating and analysing artists’ styles, using acrylics and with mixed media. Students then chose their preferred approach and were encouraged to create several images in a series showing the development of their ideas.

Still Life Intermediates 2016

The intermediate groups have been working directly from life, exploring how to paint reflective surfaces, jug spouts and handles and looking at Chroma- using saturated and de-saturated hues.

How to Paint an Abstract in Acrylics’ to Chandler’s Ford Art Group – February 20th 2016

Chandler’s Ford Art Goup were very friendly, open minded and willing to have a go! – just the right attitude for this workshop, and we had a really positive day.
I was so pleased with the groups paintings, they are so diverse and from the feedback.

I think I have shown a way into abstract and opened a door maybe for those who thought that they could never paint like this.

Mediterranean Villages and Olive groves Art Workshop – January 2016

This was a lovely inclusive workshop, with a few first time acrylic painters, and a partially sighted student. We learnt how to simplify buildings and how to suggest trees.

We were blissfully unaware of the drizzly January weather, tucked indoors with Spanish music, lemon aromatherapy candles and lemon drizzle cake.

Everyone produced exciting work and the day was very enjoyable.