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3 Artists to Inspire you – expressive, semi-abstracted & exciting !

Here are paintings by 3 of my most inspiring artists; who have moved partially towards a ‘figurative abstraction’ through expressionism and their interpretation of the scene.

I’m fascinated in the area between Realism and Abstraction; how few brush strokes can I use to allow the painting to ‘read’ and to capture the essence and the emotion of the subject, how far can I push the marks until I ‘lose’ the image…  This is a natural pursuit for a ‘plein air painter’ who paints simply, and unfussily, what I see, using mark making.

The journey towards abstraction is a theme which has always inspired me since taking up painting seriously at the age of 17 and I find the same artists move me as much today as they did at 17 and I keep picking up the same thread of ideas 20 years on!!

David Bomberg

Energy and vigour; so exciting, so dynamic! My first great love and still my favourite artist!

David Bomberg ‘Cypress’ 1948
Across the Valley, Ronda’1954. Charcoal on paper
Valley of la Hermida, Picos de Europa, Asturias’  1935 Oil on canvas
Flowers – 1943
Zahara Evening – Oil on panel

Joan Eardley

Eardley’s landscapes are some of my favourite atmospheric landscapes ever.

She captures a solid sense of form and fine draughtsmanship yet always using free spirited brushstrokes, mark making and texture.

Atmosphere and limited palette colours are really understated genius. I love her work.

July Fields – Oil on canvas
Summer Fields – Oil on canvas
A wave Study II – Oil on Board

Fred Cuming



I love the mark making in this and the play of light

Hastings Beach and Bonfire
Garden under Snow
Autumn garden, Birdsong – Oil on board 1998


I hope that these images have inspired you.

You can see more of my visual inspiration on my Pinterest boards

Drop me a line to share with me – Who are your favourite artists?


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2 thoughts on “3 Artists to Inspire you – expressive, semi-abstracted & exciting !

  1. These look really good …. worth studying in more detail. As for my favourite artists. I love the Impressionists, but currently I really like the work of Maureen Davies, Sandra Hammer, Kurt Jackson, and Philip … ? … sorry can’t recall his surname but he’s done a lot of paintings in the Test Valley.

  2. Hello Pam. Glad that you are intrigued by the artists on display. Maureen Davies and Sandra Hammer 2 of my local favourites too. Kurt Jackson I love his energy and approach to painting.
    I hope to blog on more artists : so many great artists to inspire us; aren’t we lucky?!

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