Currently showing until 25th March (Closed for one morning Tues 14th March 10:00-1:30)

Solo Exhibition – Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury.
“Flies in my teeth & paint in my hair – a Plein air painters diary”
Paintings inspired by my bike rides and from my travels

I am a professional artist and experienced tutor and I love to paint outdoors ‘en plein air’ where I can connect with the landscape with all my senses.

My paintings are direct, passionate expressions of my adventures and my encounters with the majesty of nature, often inspired by my bike rides near my New Forest  home or the rolling hills around Salisbury or the flowers I grow I my back garden.

I am an empathetic and very enthusiastic tutor and I thrive on the two way exchange of ideas that teaching gives me.

You can view artwork in my gallery and purchase directly from my online shop, or contact me

Experience my tutorage to improve your skills and expand your creative vision; I offer day workshops, regular daily classes, 1:1 sessions,  or painting holidays  in Europe and the Channel Islands.

Thank you and enjoy your visit to my website.